First chick born in captivity on Fuerteventura

Pollo de Guirre

22/06/2016 Pollo de Guirre. El pasado 15 de junio nació en cautividad el primer pollo de guirre (Neophron percnopterus majorensis) en Fuerteventura de una pareja de ejemplares irrecuperables que se mantienen en las instalaciones de la Estación Biológica de la Oliva desde el año 2009. SOCIEDAD CEDIDO POR CABILDO DE FUERTEVENTURA

On the 15th of June, the first chicken of a captive pair on Fuerteventura was born at the Biological Station of the Oliva (Cabildo of Fuerteventura). The parents consist of two irrecoverable birds that are at the biological station since 2009. This year the couple produced two clutches (one egg in both cases), one on March 24 that failed at an early embryonic stage, and a second clutch, on May 2, that hatched successfully  after 45 days of artificial incubation.

There are currently two pairs held in captivity, one in Fuerteventura, the other in Gran Canaria. Both pairs laid regularly eggs in the past, but very rarely these eggs ultimately resulted in fledglings. This happened once in Gran Canaria (2013: ‘Tamaran’, 3NP), and the bird was released and fitted with a GPS tag. 3NP seems perfectly integrated in the currently population and behaves seemingly normal.

More info on irrecoverable Guirres on the Canary Islands and the breeding program (in Spanish): irrecoverable_guirre_CanaryIslands

More info on the first chick born in captivity  (in Spanish): First_chicken_of_Guirre_on_Fuerteventura


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