Prof. José A. DonázDonazarar

The main axis of my research focuses on the Population Ecology of Long-lived Birds and the Trophic Ecology of Vertebrate Communities. I mainly focus on how changes in the spatial distribution of resources (carcasses) affect the structure and function of scavenger guilds. As a transversal axis a good part of my work falls within the realm of Conservation Biology of threatened vertebrates and systems. I look for scientific answers to current ‘hot topics’ such as the demographic effect of non-natural mortality (poisons, wind-farms) in long-lived birds, the repercussions of European policies on species dependent on traditional agro-grazing systems and the effects of toxic compounds on avian populations and communities.

Thijs_EVDr. Thijs van Overveld

My research mainly focusses on the causes and consequences of individual variation in behaviour, with special emphasis on individual movement patterns and information gathering strategies. Im particularly interested in how individuals cope with ecological and social challenging situations, and how such behavioural variation may shape population dynamical processes. In the current project, I focuss on individual variation in foraging decisions in relation to supplementary feeding, to understand the impact of changes in food predictability on the foraging and social dynamics of local vulture populations.

Marina_2Drs. Marina García Alfonso

I started my PhD in October 2014 at Doñana Biological Station on the “Movement ecology and behavior of Canarian Egyptian vulture”.  My project aims to understand fundamental aspects of the generally ecology of Egyptian vultures, including their general foraging dynamics, dispersal and recruitment ecology, to answer questions in conservation biology and inform local policy makers.  I did my Master Thesis on “Inter-individual variation in the movement patterns of reintroduced bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus)” and my final degree project about “Movement patterns of black-shouldered kite (Elanus caeruleus)”.

Research Partners



dhr. prof. dr. ir. W. Bouten

Leader of the research group of ‘Computational Geo-Ecology’ within the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Prof. W. Bouten, together with Edwin Baaij, developed the UvA-BiTS GPS-System. More info on our Movement Ecology page or on

NielsProf. dr. N. Dingemanse

Leader of the research group ‘Evolutionary Ecology of variation’ at the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology (MPI), Seewiesen (Germany).

Statistical advice


Ana_Sanz_AguilarDr. Ana Sanz-Aguilar

Collaborating on demographic analyses

Instituto Medierráneo de Estudios Avanzados (CSIC-UIB), Mallorca (Islas Baleares), Spain


LauraDr. Laura Gangoso

various aspects of collaboration

Estación Biológica Doñana (CSIC-EBD), Sevilla

Damaso_Hornero-MendezDr. Dámaso Hornero Méndez
Analysis of plasma carotenoids
Departamento de Fitoquímica de los Alimentos
(Instituto de la Grasa, Campus Universidad Pablo de Olavide, CSIC), Sevilla

Ciro_Rico(2)Prof. Ciro Rico

Past collaborator on genetic analyses

School of Marine Studies (University of the South Pacific), Suva, Fiji Islands



Researchers collaborating in the analyses of toxic compounds and pathogens:

Dr. Rafael Mateo (University of Castilla la-Mancha, CSIC) Ciudad real.

Dr. Guillermo Blanco (Museonacionaldecienciasnaturales (MNCN) CSIC) Madrid.

Dr.  Alejandro Suarez (Animal Lab) Gran Canaria.

Dr. Octavio Luis Perez-Luzardo (Servicio de Toxicología Clínica y Analítica,  University of Las Palmas), Gran Canaria.

Dr Alejandro Rodríguez-Navarro (University of Granada)

Dr. Maria José Fernandez (Instituto de Estructura de la Materia (IEM), CSIC) Madrid

Field Technicians la Riva

Manuel de la Riva


Julio Roldan

Walo tomando anotando datos en anillamiento halcon eleonor

Walo Moreno



Manuel de la Riva is a research technician based at the Estación Biológica Doñana and has extensive experience with field-research on various raptor and vulture species. He also manages the database and provide extensive help with handling geospatial data. Julio Roldan is monitoring  the breeding population on Fuerteventura since 2014 (assisted by Antonio Mulet and David Torrens).  Walo Moreno monitors the breeding birds on Lanzerote-Alegranza.

Previous Field Technicians:


Carmen Díez

Juan Ramirez.jpg

Marcos Mallo


Juan Ramírez







Javier Palacio

César J. Palacios


Ana Trujillano


Sandra Sierra